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Tired of uncomfortable bras and sports bras?

Which do not adapt to your morphology and which offer you very little support?

Not to mention the laceration marks left on your skin or the potential irritation they cause?

More than a simple bra, KellyFit becomes your best asset and supports you even during your most intense sports sessions.

Imagine... being able to practice the sport of your dreams without having to worry...

  • Feeling the slightest pain in your chest, neck or back.
  • Of the sagging and deformation of your chest due to the violent jerking caused by repeated intense efforts.
  • The unpleasant sensation of being soaked due to poor evacuation of transpiration.

Why choose KellyFit?

KellyFit's mission is to help a maximum of women of all ages to replace their various traditional bras and bras not adapted to a good support of their breasts causing numerous risks for their health by an adapted bra offering a total mobility, an absolute comfort and a sustained support.

Why choose our KellyFit Fitness Bra?


With its unique X-shaped design, you'll never go unnoticed again. The KellyFit Fitness Bra perfectly follows the curves of your body, shaping your breasts while enhancing the harmonious lines of your figure.


During sports activities, the chest can weigh up to 5 times its own weight.
Without proper support, bouncing movements will occur, causing sagging and deformation of the breasts.

That's why our bra's material has been fully lined to ensure unparalleled support for your breasts during your sports sessions, preventing and reducing the risk of injury by a factor of 3.   



The swimmer's back shape and the stretchy, thread-free fabric means that the straps do not slide over your shoulders, freeing your shoulder blades for a feeling of lightness and total freedom, giving you the sensation of wearing nothing.



Its revolutionary technology allows it to evacuate 70% of perspiration in just 1 minute and make it disappear completely in only 20 minutes, allowing you to continue your sports session dry and in the best conditions.

In addition, its light, breathable and seamless fabrics allow air to circulate and prevent irritation.


No need to spend long seconds, minutes of pain to put on your outfit, our KellyFit Fitness Bra has a front closure that facilitates the threading and adjustment of the bra.  

So you can enjoy your favorite activity faster.


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What you will receive...

  • A KellyFit Fitness Bra

  • For which activities?


    How to properly choose the size of your KellyFit Fitness Bra?

    Size chart:

    Modèle S : Fits 32ABCD, 34A (70ABCD, 75A)

    Modèle M  : Fits 34BCD, 36A (75BCD, 80A)

    Modèle L  : Fits 36BCD, 38A (80BCD, 85A)

    Modèle XL  : Fits 38BCD, 40A (85BCD, 90A)

    Modèle XXL  : Fits 40BCD (90BCD)



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