PEDICARE® - Electric Foot Care Rasp


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Remove annoying calluses from your feet with your Pedicare

This exclusive, new generation, portable and rechargeable electric rasp.

It allows you to remove annoying calluses from your feet, whether on the heels or in hard-to-reach areas, while vacuuming up the dead skin fragments generated by its integrated vacuum cleaner.

Your Pedicare has a built-in vacuum cleaner

You can therefore take care of your feet wherever and whenever you want.

In just a few minutes, you will be able to provide gentle and painless care for your feet, you will be more comfortable walking and you will not hesitate to show off your perfect feet.

Your Pedicare is cordless and rechargeable

The 8 benefits you'll love:

- Charge your Pedicare on any USB port

- Make your own treatments at home in any room or while traveling

- Leave the place where you use it clean without cleaning up after using it

- Its elegant and compact design allows you to hold it easily

- Easy to carry in your handbag, travel bag or suitcase

- Its 2 speeds allow you to adapt your care according to the more or less sensitive areas

- Use it for feet and hands

- For women as well as for men: each one has its own Pedicare

- Your Pedicare has 2 speeds

Our tips for use

  • After unpacking, put your Pedicare on charge.
  • Wait until the light turns green.
  • Keep your finger pressed on the power button until it starts.
  • To change the speed, simply press the button once.
  • Place your Pedicare close to the treatment area, moving it without pressing.
  • Start the treatment while gently rubbing the foot.
  • After use, empty your Pedicare into a trash bag.
  • Use the small brush to remove any remaining dust.
  • Wash the sanding head under water if necessary.
  • Ideally, use your Pedicare after a shower.
  • After your treatment, hydrate your feet

Package includes

  • Electric rasp
  • Universal USB charging cable
  • 2 microcrystal heads
  • Cleaning brush
  • 2 filters
  • User's manual


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